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Downtown Milton Street fest June 1 2013

Jealous Kind

Midnight Hour

Pride and Joy Downtown Milton 2016

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 We are a mixture of each others styles and influences. We have been together as an unit for over 5 years and 3 of the band members for over 10 years and 2 for 20 plus years. We have never sounded better than we do now and we want to share our sound and passion for music with as many people as we can. We are unique in the sense that we play for the love of music rather than the fan fare and notoriaty. Recognition is nice and it warms the heart but ,we get more out of seeing people have so much fun listening and dancing to our music.

  Albert Glencross (Guitar) is a "FEEL" blues player through and through. Coming from the Eastern Canada and moving to Toronto in the early 80's he revered players like Jimmie Vaughan,Robert Cray,Albert Collins, Albert King, Buddy Guy and SVR just to name a few. He does not play the blues, the blues plays him. All you have to do is listen and you will know what we mean.
 David Cunningham (Bass Guitar), born in England and growing up in 80's his influences were varied from Punk and New wave to R&B and Funk. His ability is limitless and his passion for playing music is tremendous. Just one word "GROOVE" epitomises his playing.  
 Mike Burke (Drummer), studied music at York and is a "MASTER" technician with the drumsticks. There is no beat that eludes this young man, he is as steady as they come. Hailing from Muskoka, Mike's easy going nature and friendly disposition makes the band dymanics work, in more ways than one.
 Kirk Guitard (Vocals, Sax) last but not least, Kirk is a "SEASONED" veteran who has been around the block and is the icing on the cake for The Madcats. Also from Eastern Canada (New Brunswick), Kirk brings his laid back saxaphone style and distinct vocal phrasing to round out the overall Madcats' experience. 
     The Madcats feed off the energy and enjoyment of the crowd and the crowd feeds off the energy and groove of the band. It is always a magical experience when ALL comes together... The Madcats always deliver....they are worth a listen! Yeah baby !!